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Critical Skills for the High-Caliber Leader

Be the kind of leader others like to work with and for. High-caliber leaders use positive, future focused, and clear communication to enhance employee engagement, achieve strategic business objectives, and get the most from their team.  Discover the critical skills to boost your leadership success.

A Leader’s Toolkit for Difficult and Disciplinary Conversations

Research is very clear; the vast majority of leaders dislike having disciplinary conversations.  Make difficult and disciplinary conversations easier by mastering the BCA technique, by learning to give negative feedback that doesn’t trigger defensiveness, and much more (including the words to avoid at all costs!)

Emotional Intelligence:  It’s the Other Kind of Smart

Emotional intelligence is a crucial success skill.  Emotionally intelligent professionals have the people skills vital to success.  Discover how to be the master of your emotions, how to disagree without being disagreeable, to think before you speak, and much more.

The Language of Leadership

Leaders choose their words wisely.  Leaders recognize that words matter.  Learn what to say and what not say.  Discover the surprising “bad habits” most professionals need to break and what to say and do instead.  With an emphasis on small changes that yield big results, this program takes your communication to the next level of effectiveness.

Meet Pamela Jett, Communication Skills Expert

Pamela Jett, CSP is a professional speaker, author and communication skills expert whose dynamic keynote presentations and customized communication training and breakout sessions focus on remarkable communication skills for business success.

Her high-energy, high-content and high-impact programs earn rave reviews and can help make your convention, association meeting or corporate event an effective and rewarding experience. Pamela delivers effective communication tips and strategies for remarkable results.

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