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Calm, Cool, and Collected: Communication Skills for Emotionally Charged Situations

The ability to stay professional and take the high road (even when others don’t) is a crucial success skill. Master the art of “goat hiding”, learn language patterns to disagree without being disagreeable, and what to say when others are on the attack. A must have program for everyone.

Snipers, Steamrollers, and Chronic Complainers: How to Deal with Difficult People

Difficult people can derail careers and wreak havoc on productivity. Discover why difficult people are difficult and what we can (and cannot do about it.) Master language to respond to passive-aggressiveness, verbal attacks, bullies, and much more.

How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation

Conflict is inevitable. Anger and hurt feelings are not. Learn how to handle conflict and confrontation in a professional fashion. Learn what to say and what not to say in order to reach agreement discover words that trigger defensiveness in others, and what to say when tempers start to flare.

Not Everyone Was Raised at Your House:  Leveraging the Power of Perspective

The world genuinely is a different place to different people and professionals not only recognize this truth, they use it to their advantage.  Discover how to communicate with others, even those very different from you, to achieve greater success than ever before.

Meet Pamela Jett, Communication Skills Expert

Pamela Jett, CSP is a professional speaker, author and communication skills expert whose dynamic keynote presentations and customized communication training and breakout sessions focus on remarkable communication skills for business success.

Her high-energy, high-content and high-impact programs earn rave reviews and can help make your convention, association meeting or corporate event an effective and rewarding experience. Pamela delivers effective communication tips and strategies for remarkable results.

"Pamela exceeded my expectations. She has inspired me to be more organized! I can’t wait to go back to work and start applying the methods. I can see success in my future!"


"Your program was exactly what we wanted. You provided our members and guests with wonderful communication tools that I am confident will assist them in their various careers. You also inspired us, made us laugh, and, in general, were a delight!"

Teri Pasley

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